To create smarter, faster and longer lasting products, from the composited to the general wearables industry.

To develop standards for the manufacturing and the use in high volume production of smart textile products.


We combine the latest ZSK‘s technical innovations with the most recent and advanced fibrous, eletric and textile materials. We collaborate with several universities, research and development centres which regularly stimulate us to keep exploring innovative manufacturing solutions for the industry.


Integrating sensors and optical fibre within composite preforms

To monitor loads and possible impact faults in  the composite structure; generally thermoset composites are subjected to impact damage.

To heat up as well as to detect pressure distribution in thermoplastic composites

To increase efficiency and reliability for the maintenance of infrastructure composites parts.

By using and combining TWP and TFP technologies with the latest fibrous, textile and electronic materials. 

In sporting goods, in footwear, in medical tooling devices, and largely in the construction and in the aerospace industry where the demand to monitor the structure is vital. For all the above without influencing aerodynamic or product aesthetic.

smart textile unwind3d
smart textile jacket unwind3d


Integrating sensor wires, optical fibres and/or electronics within textiles and fabrics

To provide functions to everyday textiles, improving our living and lifestyle; from security to health monitoring; from the most stylish dress to the optimal comfort while exercising or driving; from data tracking to pet fashion.

By using ZSK technical embroidery solutions such as TWP technology and functional sequin devices to lay and fix wire, fibre and electronics on the most different textiles; from stiff and thick to highly stretchable and thin fabrics.

In wearables, from smart jackets to smart socks; in vehicles, from touch sensors on steering wheels to indicators; in the general industry, from RFID antenna in work-gloves to RFID antennas in medical gown.